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Episodes in 19th and 20th Century Euclidean Geometry

Ross Honsberger

Here is a selection of really beautiful theorems. Few will be familiar even to the professional mathematician, but all are accessible to undergraduates, or even to the lay reader with a firm grounding in Euclid... Highly recommended. — Choice

I highly recommend that this book be acquired by every high school library, if not by every mathematics teacher. — The Mathematics Teacher

Euclidean geometry was worked out by Euclid and his predecessors more than 2300 years ago and is studied today mostly as a background to other branches of mathematics. In fact, however, as Professor Honsberger masterfully demonstrates, geometry in the style of Euclid is still alive and well. Mathematicians have again been studying the properties of geometric figures from a synthetic point of view and have discovered many new and unexpected results which Euclid himself never found. And since all of us have studied Euclidean geometry, at least the ancient version, this book is easily accessible.

Exercises with their solutions are included in the book.

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Print ISBN: 9780883856390

Electronic ISBN: 9780883859513

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