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Five Hundred Mathematical Challenges

Edward J. Barbeau, Murray S. Klamkin, and William O.J. Moser

The organization of the book makes it a superb pedagogical instrument... Throughout the book are interspersed fables concerning mathematicians and occasional "bons mots." They are wonderful...The book is a paperback, done in a large elegantly printed format. I suggest you try it out on some of your talented undergraduate students. — The Mathematical Intelligencer

The book is an excellent source of problems for high school or college teachers who wish to challenge mathematically oriented students. The problems cover a wide range of topics, including geometry, algebra, number theory, trigonometry, probability and combinatorics... I recommend this book highly for mathematics teachers as a source of nontrivial precalculus problems. — AAAS, Science Books and Films

This book contains 500 problems that range over a wide spectrum of areas of high school mathematics and levels of difficulty. Some are simple mathematical puzzlers while others are serious problems at the Olympiad level. Students of all levels of interest and ability will be entertained and taught by the book. For many problems, more than one solution is supplied so that students can see how different approaches can be taken to a problem and compare the elegance and efficiency of different tools that might be applied.

Teachers at both the college and secondary levels will find the book useful, both for encouraging their students and for their own pleasure. Some of the problems can be used to provide a little spice in the regular curriculum by demonstrating the power of very basic techniques.

This collection provides a solid base for students who wish to enter competitions at the Olympiad level. They can begin with easy problems and progress to more demanding ones. A special mathematical tool chest summarizes the results and techniques needed by competition-level students.

Electronic edition ISBN: 9781614445074

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