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Functions, Data, and Models

Sheldon P. Gordon and Florence S. Gordon


Functions, Data, and Models is a college-level algebra textbook that is written to provide the kind of mathematical knowledge and experience that students will need for courses in other fields such as biology, chemistry, business, finance, economics, and other areas that are heavily dependent on data either from laboratory experiments or from other studies. The book focuses on fundamental mathematical concepts and realistic problem-solving via mathematical modeling rather than the development of algebraic skills.

Functions, Data and Models presents college algebra in a way that differs from almost all college algebra books available today. The authors teach something new rather than covering the same ground as high school courses. By changing the content of the course, the authors are able to give students an introduction to data analysis and mathematical modeling that even students with limited algebraic skills can handle. The book contains rich exercises, many of which use real data. Also included are thought experiments or what if questions that are meant to stretch the student's mathematical thinking.

Contents: 1. Data Everywhere; 2. Functions Everywhere; ;3. Linear Functions; 4. More About Linear Functions; 5. Families of Nonlinear functions; 6. Polynomial Functions; 7. Extended Families of Functions; 8. Modeling Periodic Phenomena. Appendics: Absolute Values; Factorial Notation n!; Summation Notation; Statistical Calculations on TI Calulators; Statistical Calculations using Excel; Algebra of Linear Functions; Solving Equations Graphically; Zoom-and-Trace; Linear Regression on TI Calculators; Linear Regression in Excel; Solving Systems of Linear Equations Algebraically; Curve Fitting in Excel; Symmetry; Arithmetic of Complex Numbers; 2009 World Population Data.

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Electronic ISBN: 9781614446095

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