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Historical Modules for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

Victor Katz and Karen Dee Michalowicz, Editors

The beauty of this resource is that teachers only need to review the material in order to be able to use it. The topics need to be read in preparation for the lessons, although it is conceivable that most of the material can be used without prior knowledge of the historical background — and therefore this would be a chance for teachers to learn more about the history of mathematics, while making meaningful connections between different mathematical concepts. ...
If this was given in book format, the amount of material would be both admirable and useful, but [electronically] it offers even greater convenience for the practicing teacher. The index, for example, is interactive, enabling easy subject and resource searching. For both teachers and students who want to explore more, an extensive bibliography is given at the end of each module, together with web links fore easy references to relevant topics and mathematicians.... I strongly recommend this publication to anyone who is any way involved in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Bulletin of the British Society for the History of Mathematics

These eleven historical modules are collections of lesson materials designed to demonstrate the use of the history of mathematics in the teaching of mathematics. They have been written by teams of college and high school teachers and have been field tested in a variety of situations. The materials can fit many different types of objectives and can be used in a variety of mathematics classes, from pre-algebra through calculus. The eleven modules are: Archimedes; Combinatorics; Exponentials and Logarithms; Functions; Geometric Proof; Lengths, Areas, and Volumes; Linear Equations; Negative Numbers; Polynomials; and Statistics and Trigonometry.

Electronic ISBN:  9780883857410

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Historical Modules for the Teaching and
Learning of Mathematics (1376 pages)
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Module 1: Archimedes (118 pages) $10.00 cart
Module 2: Combinatorics (93 pages) $9.00 cart
Module 3: Exponentials & Logarithms (132 pages) $10.50 cart
Module 4: Functions (120 pages) $10.00 cart
Module 5: Geometric Proof (112 pages) $9.50 cart
Module 6: Lengths, Areas & Volumes (214 pages) $12.50 cart
Module 7: Linear Equations (74 pages) $8.50 cart
Module 8: Negative Numbers (121 pages) $10.00 cart
Module 9: Polynomials (113 pages) $9.50 cart
Module 10: Statistics (75 pages) $8.50 cart
Module 11: Trigonometry (192 pages) $12.50 cart


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