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Hungarian Problem Book I

Translated by Elvira Rapaport

The Eötvös Contests in elementary mathematics have been open to Hungarian students in their last year of high school ever since 1894. They are famous for the simplicity of the concepts employed, the mathematical depth reached, and the diversity of elementary mathematical fields touched. But perhaps their most remarkable feature is the influence that they, together with a mathematics journal for students, seem to have had on the young people of that small country. Among the winners of the first eleven contests (i.e., those contained in the present volume) many turned into scientists of international fame; e.g., L. Fejér, T. von Kármán, D. Kónig, M. Riesz. Among the winners of the next twenty contests (i.e., those contained in volume 12) are G. Szegö, T. Radó, E. Teller; all three are well known in the United States, where they now reside. This translation of the Eötvös Contests Problems from 1894–1928 is based on the revised Hungarian edition of J. Kürschák's original compilation. Kürschák combined his excellence in mathematics with his interest in education when he supplied the elegant solutions and illuminating explanations.

Print ISBN: 9780883856116

Electronic ISBN: 9780883859278

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