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Hungarian Problem Book III

Translated and edited by Andy Liu

The Eötvös Mathematics Competition is the oldest high school mathematics competition in the world, with a tradition dating back to 1894. In 1963, the first two of the Hungarian problem books were published in the New Mathematical Library by the MAA. This book is continuation of those volumes, taking the competition up through 1943.

In the Hungarian Problem Book III, forty-five problems in all are presented in six chapters. Problems are classified into five groups: combinatorics, number theory, algebra, and geometry (in two parts). Multiple solutions are presented along with background material providing generalizations and remarks about the problems.

This book is intended for beginners, although the experienced student will find much here. Beginners are encouraged to work the problems in each section and then to compare their results against the solutions presented in the book. They will find much material in each section to aid them in improving their problem-solving techniques.

Electronic ISBN: 9780883859568

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