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Icons of Mathematics

Claudi Alsina and Roger Nelsen

Secondary school and college and university teachers may wish to use portions of Icons of Mathematics as a supplement in problem solving sessions, as enrichment material in a course on proofs and mathematical reasoning, or in a mathematics course for liberal arts students.

What are the icons of mathematics? After many years working with visual proofs, the authors believe that certain geometric diagrams play a crucial role in visualizing mathematical proofs. In this book they present twenty of them, icons of mathematics, and they explore the mathematics that lies within the “icons” and that can be created from them.

Some of the icons have a long history both inside and outside of mathematics (yin and yang, star polygons, the Venn diagram, etc.). But most of them are essential geometrical figures that enable us to explore an extraordinary range of mathematical results (the bride's chair, the semicircle, the rectangular hyperbola, etc.).

Icons of Mathematics starts with a table of the authors' twenty key icons. A chapter is devoted to each, illustrating its presence in real life, its primary mathematical characteristics and how it plays a central role in visual proofs of a wide range of mathematical facts. Among these are classical results from plane geometry, properties of the integers, means and inequalities, trigonometric identities, theorems from calculus, and puzzles from recreational mathematics. Each chapter ends with challenges and the answers to those challenges are in the back of the book.

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