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Ingenuity in Mathematics

Ross Honsberger

This is a well written and thought provoking book with open endedness to make the reader really work on each essay. It would certainly be a useful resource for aspiring young mathematicians. — The Australian Mathematics Teacher

Sit with this book for half to three-quarters of an hour and you will have mastered an elegant and pleasing bit of mathematics. Nineteen independent essays on topics including number theory, geometry, combinatorics, logic, and probability.

The nineteen essays contained in this volume are independent of one another; they represent many different aspects of mathematical thinking. Standard high school courses in algebra and geometry furnish a sufficient basis for understanding each essay. The topics treated in this volume include number theory, geometry, combinatorics, logic, probability; and the methods used often involve an interaction of these various disciplines. Some essays are easy to read, others are more challenging; some exercises are routine, others led the reader deeper into the subject.

Electronic ISBN: 9780883859384

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