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Lie Groups

Harriet Pollatsek


Can be used as supplementary reading in a linear algebra course, or as a primary text in a bridge course that helps students make the transition to courses that emphasize definition and proofs, as well as for an upper level elective.

The work of the Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie extends ideas of symmetry and leads to many applications in mathematics and physics. Ordinarily, the study of the "objects" in Lie's theory (Lie groups and Lie algebras) requires extensive mathematical prerequisites beyond the reach of the typical undergraduate. By restricting to the special case of matrix Lie groups and relying on ideas from multivariable calculus and linear algebra, this lovely and important material becomes accessible even to college sophomores. Working with Lie's ideas fosters an appreciation of the unity of mathematics and the sometimes surprising ways in which mathematics provides a language to describe and understand the physical world.

Lie Groups is an active learning text that can be used by students with a range of backgrounds and interests. The material is developed through 200 carefully chosen problems. This is the only book in the undergraduate curriculum to bring this material to students so early in their mathematical careers.

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