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MAA Textbooks

MAA Textbooks cover all levels of the undergraduate curriculum, with a focus on textbooks for upper division students.  They are written by college and university faculty, and are carefully reviewed by an editorial board of teaching faculty in order to ensure superior exposition.  The editorial board is especially interested in innovative manuscripts.

Series Editor: Zaven Karian


Books available for download include:

Bridge to Abstract Mathematics
Ralph W. Oberste-Vorth, Aristides Mouzakitis, and Bonita A. Lawrence

Calculus Deconstructed
Zbigniew H. Nitecki

Combinatorics: A Guided Tour
David R. Mazur

Combinatorics: A Problem Oriented Approach
Daniel A. Marcus

Differential Geometry and Its Applications
John Oprea

Elementary Cryptanalysis, 2nd ed. (NML22)
Abraham Sinkov revised and updated by Todd Feil

Elementary Mathematical Models: Order Aplenty and a Glimpse of Chaos
Dan Kalman

An Episodic History of Mathematics: Mathematical Culture Through Problem Solving
Steven G. Krantz

Essentials of Mathematics
Margie Hale

Fourier Series
Rajendra Bhatia

Functions, Data, and Models: An Applied Approach to College Algebra
Sheldon P. Gordon and Florence S. Gordon

Game Theory and Strategy (NML36)
Philip D. Straffin

Geometry Revisited (NML19)
H.S.M. Coxeter and S.L. Greitzer

Graph Theory: A Problem Oriented Approach
Daniel A. Marcus

Knot Theory (CAM24)
Charles Livingston

Learning Modern Algebra: From Early Attempts to Prove Fermat's Last Theorem
Al Cuoco and Joseph J. Rotman

Lie Groups: A Problem-Oriented Introduction via Matrix Groups
Harriet Pollatsek

Mathematical Interest Theory
Leslie Jane Federer Vaaler and James W. Daniel

Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers
Elizabeth G. Bremigan, Ralph J. Bremigan, and John D. Lorch

Mathematics of Choice (NML15)
Ivan Niven

Mathematics of Games and Gambling (NML28)
Edward Packel

Number Theory Through Inquiry
David C. Marshall, Edward Odell & Michael Starbird

A Primer of Real Functions, 4th ed. (CAM13)
Ralph P. Boas, revised and updated by Harold P. Boas