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Mathematical Miniatures

Svetoslav Savchev and Titu Andreescu

This is a gem of a book. The authors, who are very experienced in the posing and setting of problems for bright young mathematicians, provide access to a wide variety of clever solutions to a range of mathematical problems.The authors draw on their extensive experience as editors and problem setters to make connections between apparently disparate problems. The text is addictive and hard to put down, inspiring and intriguing. — John H. Mason, Mathematical Reviews

What makes this book original is the way the problems are presented. Overall, a delightful book, recommended not only for one's reading pleasure but also for math clubs in either high school or college. — Ioanna Mihaila, MAA Online

Mathematical Miniatures is a problem collection of arresting mathematical insight and ingenuity. The authors brought together materials from mathematical competitions, books, research papers, discussions, and their own work. Such mathematical substance went far beyond the purposes of a traditional problem-solving book. The most attractive results refused to fit into the schemes of an instruction manual meant to exemplify typical problem solving techniques. A broader interpretation of these problems had to be identified, and this book is the fruit of that effort.

Savchev and Andreescu detach certain statements or groups of related statements into independent sections. Treating these gems separately, in self-contained essays, emphasizes the source of their natural charm—connections with genuine mathematical experience. The essays are of impressive diversity, enlivened by fresh and original ideas. They involve concepts not only useful but also beautiful and nonstandard, with lots of esthetic appeal.

The book is thus not so much a mathematical toolchest: it is an anthology of mathematical verse.

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