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Mathematical Reminiscences

Howard Eves

Howard Eves has enjoyed a long, distinguished career as a teacher, geometer, writer, editor and historian of mathematics. A renowned teacher and scholar, Eves spent most of his career at the University of Maine at Orono, and more recently at Central Florida University. For twenty-five years he edited the Elementary Problems Section of the American Mathematical Monthly.

Long known as a mathematical storyteller, Howard Eves here writes his personal reminiscences — mostly mathematical, some not. The cast of characters includes Albert Einstein, Norbert Wiener, Julian Lowell Coolidge, Maurice Fréchet, Nathan Altschiller-Court, G. H. Hardy, and many other interesting figures whom he encountered in a long and active life in mathematics.

In Mathematical Reminiscences we also read of Eves' famous mathematical museum, with its lock of Einstein's hair, Hardy's scarf, Veblen's bright yellow lead pencil, Wiener's hat, and much, much more.

Electronic ISBN: 9780883859650

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