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Mathematics in Historical Context

Jeff Suzuki

This is a unique book that helps its readers put the major (and minor) events in the history of mathematics into the context of what else was happening in the world. Suzuki even shows us that many historical figures in mathematics were actors on a larger stage. Not only is the book a worthwhile read, but it will be a constant reference afterwards. —Victor Katz, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus, University of the District of Columbia, Author of A History of Mathematics

What would Newton see if he looked out his bedroom window? Mathematics in Historical Context describes the world around the important mathematicians of the past, and explores the complex interaction between mathematics, mathematicians, and society. It takes the reader on a grand tour of history from the ancient Egyptians to the twentieth century to show how mathematicians and mathematics were affected by the outside world, and at the same time how the outside world was affected by mathematics and mathematicians. Part biography, part mathematics, and part history, this book provides the interested layperson the background to understand mathematics and the history of mathematics, and is suitable for supplemental reading in any history of mathematics course.

Mathematics in Historical Context provides historical background to the development of mathematics. It can be used as a supplemental text to a history of mathematics course, or even as a stand-alone history text.

Electronic ISBN: 9781614445029

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