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Noncommutative Rings

I. N. Herstein

Praise for the hardcover edition of Noncommutative Rings

This beautiful book is the result of the author's wide and deep knowledge of the subject matter, combined with a gift for exposition … The well selected material is offered in an integrated presentation of the structure theory of noncommutative (associative rings) and its applications. The book will appeal to many a reader. It would be wonderful as a textbook, and in fact, it's based on the author's lecture notes … Only people looking for the most general form of a particular theorem are advised to turn to other books, but those interested in studying or reviewing its subject matter or looking for a rounded account of it, could do no better than choosing this book for this purpose. — Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

Noncommutative Rings provides a cross-section of ideas, techniques and results that give the reader an idea of that part of algebra which concerns itself with noncommutative rings. In the space of 200 pages, Herstein covers the Jacobson radical, semisimple rings, commutativity theorems, simple algebras, representations of finite groups, polynomial identities, Goldie's theorem and the Golod-Shafarevitch theorem. Almost every practicing ring theorist has studied portions of this classic monograph.

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Electronic ISBN: 9781614440154

Paperback ISBN: 9780883850398

Hardcover (out of print) ISBN: 9780883850152

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