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Ordinary Differential Equations

from Calculus to Dynamical Systems

Virginia W. Noonburg


Ordinary Differential Equations is, first and foremost, a text for the introductory course in ordinary differential equations, usually taken by sophomore engineering and science majors after a two or three term calculus sequence. The driving idea behind this particular text is that if all science majors can be convinced to take the differential equations course along with the engineers, they will be in a much better position if they go on to graduate school or even if they just want to read the modern literature in their own field. An understanding of dynamical systems is gradually becoming a necessity for everyone in the sciences.

One way to encourage science majors of all kinds to take a course in differential equations is to show students that problems involving differential equations are often a lot more interesting than the problems seen in calculus. This is especially true in the area of nonlinear equations, and is one reason why this text contains much more than the usual amount of material on the geometry of nonlinear systems.

Recognizing that not all students are fortunate enough to take a differential equations course in their undergraduate career, another aim has been to make this book as readable as possible so it can be used for self-study. Each section of the book also has many examples followed by their worked out solution. Those two things (readability and full solutions to the examples) also make this text a likely candidate for a professor who wants to teach a “flipped” course in differential equations.

Each section of the book has its own set of exercises. Answers to odd-numbered exercises are included in the back of the book.

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