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Sink or Float? Thought Problems in Math and Physics

Keith Kendig

Keith Kendig has assembled a marvelous mind-twisting collection of problems, some about mathematics, some about physics, and some about mathematical physics. All take the form of multiple-choice questions, with full answers in the back of the book. You must know some math and physics to solve the problems, but regardless of how much you know, you are sure to learn a lot about each field. — Martin Gardner

Sink or Float? Thought Problems in Math and Physics is a collection of problems drawn from mathematics and the real world. Its multiple-choice format forces the reader to become actively involved in deciding upon the answer. The book's aim is to show just how much can be learned by using everyday common sense. The problems are all concrete and understandable by nearly anyone, meaning that not only will students become caught up in some of the questions, but professional mathematicians, too, will easily get hooked. The more than 250 questions cover a wide swath of classical math and physics. Each problem's solution, with explanation, appears in the answer section at the end of the book.

A notable feature is the generous sprinkling of boxes appearing throughout the text. These contain historical asides or little-known facts. The problems themselves can easily turn into serious debate-starters, and the book will find a natural home in the classroom.

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Electronic ISBN: 9781614442073

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