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The Generalized Riemann Integral

Robert M. McLeod

The Generalized Riemann Integral is addressed to persons who already have an acquaintance with integrals they wish to extend and to the teachers of generations of students to come. The organization of the work will make it possible for the first group to extract the principal results without struggling through technical details which they may find formidable or extraneous to their purposes. The technical level starts low at the opening of each chapter. Thus readers may follow each chapter as far as they wish and then skip to the beginning of the next. To readers who do wish to see all the details of the arguments, they are given.

The generalized Riemann integral can be used to bring the full power of the integral within the reach of many who, up to now, get no glimpse of such results as monotone and dominated convergence theorems. As its name hints, the generalized Riemann integral is defined in terms of Riemann sums. The path from the definition to theorems exhibiting the full power of the integral is direct and short.

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