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Who Gave You the Epsilon?

Edited by Marlow Anderson, Victor Katz, and Robin Wilson

This book can be recommended to everybody interested in the history of mathematics and to anybody who loves mathematics. — EMS Newsletter

It is helpful to have this particular group of well-written and lively nuggets from the history of mathematics in one location. Overall, the book will prove provocative to students, instructors, both secondary and collegiate scholars, and interested nonexperts. — S. J. Colley, CHOICE

Who Gave You the Epsilon? is a sequel to the MAA bestselling book, Sherlock Holmes in Babylon. Like its predecessor, this book is a collection of articles on the history of mathematics from the MAA journals, in many cases written by distinguished mathematicians (such as G H Hardy and B.van der Waerden), with commentary by the editors. Whereas the former book covered the history of mathematics from earliest times up to the eighteenth century and was organized chronologically, the 40 articles in this book are organized thematically and continue the story into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The topics covered in the book are analysis and applied mathematics, Geometry, topology and foundations, Algebra and number theory, and Surveys. Each section is preceded by a Foreword, giving the historical background and setting and the scene, and is followed by an Afterword, reporting on advances in our historical knowledge and understanding since the articles first appeared.

This book will be enjoyed by anyone interested in mathematics and its history — and in particular by mathematics teachers at secondary, college and university levels.

Electronic ISBN: 9781614445043

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