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A Century of Mathematics in America: Part 2

Peter Duren
American Mathematical Society
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History of Mathematics
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  • Mathematics at American Universities
  • Harvard
  • G. Birkhoff -- Mathematics at Harvard, 1836-1944
  • G. D. Birkhoff -- The scientific work of Maxime Bôcher [Reprint]
  • J. L. Walsh -- William Fogg Osgood [Reprint]
  • Yale
  • H. Dorwart -- Mathematics and Yale in the nineteen twenties
  • M. J. Klein -- The scientific style of Josiah Willard Gibbs [Reprint]
  • P. W. Smith -- The department of mathematics [Reprint]
  • Chicago
  • S. MacLane -- Mathematics at the University of Chicago: A brief history
  • K. H. Parshall -- Eliakim Hastings Moore and the founding of a mathematical community in America, 1892-1902 [Reprint]
  • W. L. Duren, Jr. -- Graduate student at Chicago in the '20s [Reprint]
  • M. H. Stone -- Reminiscences of mathematics at Chicago [Reprint]
  • F. E. Browder -- The Stone age of mathematics on the Midway [Reprint]
  • Princeton
  • W. Aspray -- The emergence of Princeton as a world center for mathematical research, 1896-1939 [Reprint]
  • S. MacLane -- Topology and logic at Princeton
  • G.-C. Rota -- Fine Hall in its golden age: Remembrances of Princeton in the early fifties
  • Stanford
  • H. Royden -- A history of mathematics at Stanford
  • P. C. Rosenbloom -- Studying under Pólya and Szegôat Stanford [Reprint]
  • Berkeley
  • R. E. Rider -- An opportune time: Griffith C. Evans and mathematics at Berkeley
  • NYU
  • C. S. Morawetz -- The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
  • Princeton University Bicentennial Conference
  • Proceedings of conference on "Problems of Mathematics," Princeton University, 1946 [Reprint]
  • Commentary:
  • J. Tate and B. Gross -- Algebra
  • H. Clemens -- Algebraic geometry
  • R. Osserman -- Differential geometry
  • Y. N. Moschovakis -- Mathematical logic
  • W. Browder -- Topology
  • J. L. Doob -- Mathematical probability
  • E. M. Stein -- Analysis
  • K. Uhlenbeck -- Analysis in the large
  • Historical Surveys
  • R. G. D. Richardson -- The Ph.D. degree and mathematical research [Reprint]
  • J. Green and J. LaDuke -- Women in American mathematics: A century of contributions
  • W. L. Duren, Jr. -- Mathematics in American society
  • L. W. Cohen -- Recollections of a mathematical innocent in Washington
  • P. Lax -- The flowering of applied mathematics in America
  • J. L. Greenberg and J. R. Goodstein -- Theodore von Kármán and applied mathematics in America [Reprint]
  • B. McMillan -- Norbert Weiner and chaos
  • O. Taussky -- Some non-commutativity methods in algebraic number theory
  • R. Osserman -- The geometry renaissance in America: 1938-1988
  • R. Bott -- The topological constraints on analysis
  • S. L. Kleiman -- The development of intersection homology theory