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A Century of Mathematics in America: Part 3

Peter Duren
American Mathematical Society
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History of Mathematics
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  • The Nineteenth Century
  • K. V. H. Parshall and D. E. Rowe -- American mathematics comes of age, 1875-1900
  • R. Cooke and V. F. Rickey -- W. E. Story of Hopkins and Clark
  • G. M. Rosenstein, Jr. -- The best method. American calculus textbooks of the nineteenth century
  • C. A. Scott -- Edwards' differential calculus [Reprint]
  • Mathematics at American Institutions
  • A. Borel -- The School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study
  • E. R. Lorch -- Mathematics at Columbia during adolescence
  • D. J. Struik -- The MIT department of mathematics during its first seventy-five years. Some recollections
  • W. Kaplan -- Mathematics at the University of Michigan
  • R. L. Wilder -- Reminiscences of mathematics at Michigan
  • A. C. Lewis -- The building of the University of Texas mathematics faculty, 1883-1938
  • Mathematics and Mathematicians
  • P. C. Kenschaft -- Charlotte Angas Scott (1858-1931) [Reprint]
  • R. E. Langer and M. H. Ingraham -- Edward Burr Van Vleck, 1863-1943 [Reprint]
  • R. L. Wilder -- The Mathematical Work of R. L. Moore; Its background, nature, and influence [Reprint]
  • L. S. Grinstein and P. J. Campbell -- Anna Johnson Pell Wheeler (1883-1966) [Reprint]
  • P. Masani -- Norbert Wiener: A survey of a fragment of his life and work
  • R. Coifman and R. Strichartz -- The school of Antoni Zygmund
  • R. Askey -- Handbooks of special functions
  • S. Feferman, P. Suppes, and J. Barwise -- Commemorative meeting for Alfred Tarski
  • C. Reid and R. M. Robinson -- Julia Bowman Robinson (1919-1985) [Reprint]
  • J. Wermer -- Function algebras in the fifties and sixties
  • S. MacLane -- Addendum: Concepts and categories in perspective
  • Surveys and Recollections
  • L. V. Ahlfors -- The joy of function theory
  • J. A. Donaldson -- Black Americans in mathematics
  • J. L. Kelley -- Once over lightly
  • S. MacLane -- Mathematicians in World War II: The group at Columbia
  • S. MacLane -- The education of Ph.D's in mathematics
  • E. Pitcher -- Off the record
  • Probability, Statistics, and Actuarial Science
  • S. M. Stigler -- Mathematical statistics in the early states [Reprint]
  • J. L. Doob -- William Feller and twentieth century probability [Reprint]
  • C. C. Craig -- Early days in statistics at Michigan [Reprint]
  • C. Eisenhart -- S. S. Wilks's Princeton appointment and statistics at Princeton before Wilks
  • M. H. DeGroot -- A conversation with David Blackwell [Reprint]
  • C. J. Nesbitt -- Personal reflections on actuarial science in North America from 1900
  • History of Mathematics
  • U. C. Merzbach -- Article on American historians of mathematics