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Advances in Dynamic Games and Their Applications: Analytical and Numerical Developments

Pierre Bernhard, Vladimir Gaitsgory, and Odile Pourtallier, editors
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Annals of the International Society of Dynamic Games 10
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List of Contributors

Part I. Dynamic-Differential Games: Theoretical Developments

On Differential Games with Long-Time-Average Cost / Martino Bardi

Fields of Extremals and Sufficient Conditions for a Class of Variational Games / Dean Carlson

Linear Quadratic Differential Games: An Overview / Jacob Engwerda

A Neumann Boundary Control for Multidimensional Parabolic "Minmax" Control Problems / Andrzej Nowakowski

Non-Cooperative and Semi-Cooperative Differential Games / Wen Shen

Part II. Pursuit-Evasion (P-E) Games

Some Geometrical Properties of the Phase Space Structure in Games on Manifolds / Andrei Akhmetzhanov

Strategies for Alternative Pursuit Games / Igor Shevchenko

Some Sufficient Conditions for Multi-Player Pursuit-Evasion Games with Continuous and Discrete Observations / D. M. Stipanovic, A. Melikyan, and N. Hovakimyan

Part III. Numerical Approaches to Dynamic-Differential Games

A Numerical Approach to the 'Princess and Monster' Game on an Interval / S. Alpern, R. Fokkink, R. Lindelauf, and G. J. Olsder

Numerical Approximation and Optimal Strategies for Differential Games with Lack of Information on One Side / Pierre Cardaliaguet

Fully-Discrete Schemes for the Value Function of Pursuit-Evasion Games with State Constraints / E. Cristiani and M. Falcone

Numerical Solution of the Game of Two Cars with a Neurosimulator and Grid Computing / H.-J. v. Mettenheim and M. H. Breitner

Numerical Investigation of the Value Function for the Homicidal Chauffeur Problem with a More Agile Pursuer / V. S. Patsko and V. L. Turova

Part IV. Applications

Credible Linear-Incentive Equilibrium Strategies in Linear-Quadratic Differential Games / G. Martin-Herrán and G. Zaccour

Robust Control Approach to Digital Option Pricing: Synthesis Approach / S. Thiery, P. Bernhard, and G. J. Olsder

Part V. Search Games

A Search Game with a Strategy of Energy Supply for Target / R. Hohzaki and K. Ikeda

The LQG Game Against Nature / Meir Pachter

Part VI. Evolutionary Games

Is Deterrence Evolutionarily Stable? / D. Ellison and M. Rudnianski

Evolutionarily Robust Strategies: Two Nontrivial Examples and a Theorem / A. J. Shaiju and P. Bernhard

Part VII. Stopping Games

Nash Equilibrium in a Game Version of Elfving Problem / E. Z. Ferenstein and A. Krasnosielska

Cooperative Strategies in Stopping Games / D. Ramsey and D. Cierpial

Part VIII. Stochastic Games and Large "Neighborhood" Games

Pure Equilibrium Strategies for Stochastic Games via Potential Functions / J. A. M. Potters, T. E. S. Raghavan, and S. H. Tijs

Fibonacci Numbers and Equilibria in Large "Neighborhood" Games / Andrzej Wieczorek