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Groups St. Andrews 2005, Volume 2

C. M. Campbell, M. R. Quick, E. F. Robertson, and G. C. Smith, editors
Cambridge Univesity Press
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London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 340
We do not plan to review this book.

Introduction; 1. Groups and semigroups: connections and contrasts John Meakin; 2. Toward the classification of s-arc transitive graphs Ákos Seress; 3. Non-cancellation group computation for some finitely generated nilpotent groups Habtay Ghebrewold; 4. Permutation and quasi-permutation representations of the Chevalley groups Maryam Ghorbany; 5. The shape of solvable groups with odd order S. P. Glasby; 6. Embedding in finitely presented lattice-ordered groups: explicit presentations for constructions A. M. W. Glass, Vincenzo Marra and Daniele Mundici; 7. A note on abelian subgroups of p-groups George Glauberman; 8. On kernel flatness Akbar Golchin; 9. On proofs in finitely presented groups George Havas and Colin Ramsay; 10. Computing with 4-Engel groups George Havas and M. R. Vaughan-Lee; 11. On the size of the commutator subgroup in finite groups Marcel Herzog, Gil Kaplan and Arieh Lev; 12. Groups of infinite matrices Waldemar Holubowski; 13. Triply factorised groups and nearrings Peter Hubert; 14. On the space of cyclic trigonal Riemann surfaces of genus 4 Milagros Izquierdo and Daniel Ying; 15. On simple Kn-groups for n = 5, 6 A. Jafarzadeh and A. Iranmanesh; 16. Products of Sylow subgroups and the solvable radical Gil Kaplan and Dan Levy; 17. On commutators in groups Luise-Charlotte Kappe and Robert Fitzgerald Morse; 18. Inequalities for the Baer invariant of finite groups Saeed Kayvanfar; 19. Automorphisms with centralizers of small rank Evgeny Khukhro and Victor Mazurov; 20. 2-signalizers and normalizers of Sylow 2-subgroups in finite simple groups Anatoly S. Kondratiev and Victor D. Mazurov; 21. On properties of abnormal and pronormal subgroups in some infinite groups Leonid A. Kurdachenko, Javier Otal and Igor Ya. Subbotin; 22. P-localizing group extensions Karl Lorensen; 23. On the n-covers of exceptional groups of Lie type Maria Silvia Lucido; 24. Positively discriminating groups O. Macedonska; 25. Automorphism groups of some chemical graphs G. A. Moghani, A. R. Ashrafi and M. R. Admadi; 26. On c-normal subgroups of some classes of finite groups Z. Mostaghim; 27. Fong characters and their fields of values Lucia Sanus; 28. Arithmetical properties of finite groups W. J. Shi; 29. On prefrattini subgroups of finite groups: a survey X. Soler-Escrivà; 30. Frattini extensions and class field theory Th. Weigel; 31. The nilpotency class of groups with fixed point free automorphisms of prime order Lawrence Wilson.