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Methods and Tastes in Modern Continuum Mechanics

Roger Fosdick, Eliot Fried, and Daniel Tortorelli, editors
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Preface.- Microcanonical entropy and mesoscale dislocation mechanics and plasticity.- Plane-strain problems for a class of gradient elasticity models — a stress function approach.- Infinitesimal stability of the equilibrium states of an incompressible, Isotropic elastic tub under pressure.- Nonlinear thermoelastic materials with viscosity, and subject to internal constraints: a classical continuum thermodynamics approach.- Leading-order dynamics of gravity-driven flows in free-standing soap films.- On the thermodynamics of Korteweg fluids with heat conduction and viscosity.- Graphical illustrations for the Nur–Byerlee–Carroll proof of the formula for the Biot effective stress coefficient in poroelasticity.- Lonsdaleite model of open-cell elastic foams: theory and calibration.- Fiber remodeling during torsion of a fiber reinforced hyperelastic cylinder — unloading behavior.- Waves in fractal media.- A homogenized model for honeycomb cellular materials.- Errata for ``A homogenized model for honeycomb cellular materials".- Mindlin's problem for a half-space indented by a flexible plate.- On the motive power of chemical transformations in open systems.- Aspects of the phenomenological theory of elasticplastic deformation.- Towards a theory of thermoelastic conductors.- A large strain isotropic elasticity model based on molecular dynamics simulations of a metallic glass.- Of certain ambiguities and failings of Poisson's ratio in linear viscoelasticity.- On the bending and stretching elasticity of biopolymer filaments.- On the normal stresses in simple shearing of fiber-reinforced nonlinearly elastic materials.- On the formulation of thermodynamic models for solids as general equations for non-equilibrium reversible-irreversible coupling.- On a theory of thermoviscoelastic materials with voids.- The equations of equilibrium in orthogonal curvilinear reference coordinates.- Analysis of plane-strain crack problems (mode-I & mode-II) in the presence of surface elasticity.- Spatial behavior in pre-stressed constrained elastic cylinders.- A Simple Explicit formula for the Voigt–Reuss–Hill average of elastic polycrystals with arbitrary crystal and texture symmetries.- The moving plane inhomogeneity boundary with transformation strain.- Thermal stresses in an elastic rectangle.- Evolution equations for non-simple viscoelastic solids.- A Conceptual framework for problems in elastostatics.- On Stability analyses of three classical buckling problems for the elastic strut.- Wrinkling of a stretched thin sheet.- Errata for ``Wrinkling of a stretched thin sheet".- Response of an elastic body whose heat conduction is pressure dependent.- Velocities, stresses and vector bundle valued chains.- Simple thermomechanical materials with memory.- Equilibrium of phases with interfacial energy: a variational approach.- Theory of elastic shells based on a single constitutive assumption.- On the stability of incompressible elastic cylinders in uniaxial extension.- Secular equations for Rayleigh and Stoneley waves in exponentially graded elastic materials of general anisotropy under the influence of gravity.- A generalized formulation of elastodynnamics: small on rigid.- Huxley's model of muscle contraction with compliance.- Electromagnetically-induced deformation of functionalized fabric.