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Supplements to Articles in The American Mathematical Monthly



J. M. Borwein, S. T. Chapman, I Prefer Pi: A Brief History and Anthology of Articles in the American Mathematical Monthly, 122(2015). 

PI Star Papers Referred to in "A Brief History and Anthology of Articles in the American Mathematical Monthly”

1. 133 citations: J. M. Borwein, P. B. Borwein, D. H. Bailey, Ramanujan, modular equations, and approximations to pi or how to compute one billion digits of pi, 96(1989) 201–219.


2. 119 citations: G. Almkvist, B. Berndt, Gauss, Landen, Ramanujan, the arithmeticgeometric mean, ellipses, π, and the ladies diary, 95(1988) 585–608.

3. 73 citations: A. Kufner, L. Maligrand, The prehistory of the Hardy inequality, 113(2006) 715–732.

4. 63 citations: J. M. Borwein, P. B. Borwein, K. Dilcher, Pi, Euler numbers, and asymptotic expansions, 96(1989) 681–687.

5. 56 citations: N. D. Baruah, B. C. Berndt, H. H. Chan, Ramanujan’s series for 1/π: a survey, 116(2009) 567–587.

6. 40 citations: J. Sondow, Double integrals for Euler’s constant and ln π/4 and an analog of Hadjicostas’s formula, 112(2005) 61–65.

7. 39 citations: D. H. Lehmer, On arccotangent relations for π, 45(1938) 657–664.

8. 39 citations: I. Papadimitriou, A simple proof of the formula , 80(1973) 424–425.

9. 36 citations: V. Adamchik, S. Wagon, A simple formula for π, 104(1997) 852–855.

10. 35 citations: D. Huylebrouck, Similarities in irrationality proofs for π, ln2, ζ(2), and ξ(3), 108(2001) 222–231.

11. 35 citations: L. J. Lange, An elegant continued fraction for π, 106(1999) 456–458.

12. 33 citations: S. Rabinowitz, S. Wagon, A spigot algorithm for the digits of π, 102(1995) 195–203.

13. 32 citations:W. S. Brown, Rational exponential expressions and a conjecture concerning π and e, 76(1969) 28–34.


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Supplement to "Record Crossword Puzzles" by Kevin K. Ferland: "Proof of Crossword Puzzle Record"