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Annual Meeting of CSHPM


The annual meeting of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics (CSHPM/SCHPM) takes place at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.  The tentative schedule of talks is a follows:

Sunday June 1,2008

9:00 am Welcome: Duncan Melville (Vice-President, CSHPM)

9:30-12:00pm Session 1 (5 papers) -incl. joint session CSHM (Canadian Society for the History of Medicine)

            9:30 Duncan Melville (St. Lawrence University)
                 Mathematics at Nippur

           10:00 Liz Burns (University of Torotno)
                 Frames of Reference: Ptolemy's Almagest and Planetary Hypotheses

           10:30 Ed Cohen
                 Chinese and Japanese Calendars

          Joint Session with CSHM

           11:00 Tabitha Marshall (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
                 Debating Smallpox Inoculation in the Revolutionary Period

           11:30 Roger Stanev (University of British Columbia)
                 HIV/AIDS Activism and the Challenges in Designing and Monitoring
                 Clinically Relevant Trials

12:00-2:00pm Lunch

12:00-1:00pm CSHPM Executive Council Meeting

2:00-4:30pm  Session 2 (10 papers: 2 parallel sessions, 5 papers each)

                    Session 2A

            2:00 Lisa Mullins (University of Cambridge)
                 Mathematics of God, King and Country: Fontenelle's eloges at the
                 Academie Royale des sciences

            2:30 Roger Godard (Royal Military College of Canada)
                 Early Examples of Duality and Applications to Mathematical

            3:00 David Bellhouse (Univesity of Western Ontario)
                 De Moivre's Knowledge Community: An Analysis of the Subscription
                 list to the Miscellanea Analytica

            3:30 Chris Baltus (SUNY College at Oswego)
                 Euler: Continued Fractions, Functions, and Divergent Series

            4:00 Larry D'Antonio (Ramapo College)
                 Carl Jacobi1 and the Sums of Squares Problem

                   Session 2B

            2:00 Audrey Yap (University of Victoria)
                 Dedekind's Conception of Set

            2:30 Greg Lavers (Concordia University)
                 Mathematical Ontology

            3:00 Elaine Landry (Univesity of California, Irvine)
                 Reconstructing Hilbert to Construct Category-Theoretic Algebraic

            3:30 Emerson Doyle (University of Western Ontario)
                 An Objection to Intuitionistic Mathematics

            4:00 Nicholas Fillion (University of Western Ontario)
                 The Kolmogorov-Godel Translation of Classical Arithmetic into
                 Inutionistic Arithmetic


Monday, June 2, 2008

9:00-11:00 am  Session 3 (8 papers: 2 parallel sessions, 4 papers each)

                     Session 3A

            9:00 Robert Bradley (Adelphi University)
                 Cauchy's Analysis: A Break with the Past?

            9:30 Josipa Petrunic (University of Edinburgh)
                 Textbook or Manifesto? W.K. Cliffford's Elements of
(1878) as an Atheistic Refurbishing of P. G.
                 Tait's 'Science of Energy'

           10:00 Dirk Schlimm (McGill University)
                 An Empricist Approach to Modern Mathematics: Moritz Pasch's
                 Lectures on Projective Geometry

           10:30 Tom Archibald (Simon Fraser University)
                 Research Programmes in Integral Equations 1900-1910: Local and
                 Universal Knowledge in Mathematics


                    Session 3B

            9:00 Robert Thomas (University of Manitoba)
                 Doing Mathematics is Not Playing a Game

            9:30 Corey Mulvihill (University of Waterloo)
                 Logical Necessity and Constructive Semantics in Witgenstein's

            10:00 James Overton (University of Western Ontario)
                 Higher Isomorphism : Philosophical Issues in the Definition of
                 Weak n-Categories

           10:30 Jonathan Seldin (University of Lethbridge)
                 Curry's Opinion of Karl Popper

           11:00-12:00 Annual General Meeting

           12:00-2:00pm  Lunch

2:00-4:30pm  Session 4: Special Session - Trigonometry (1 keynote
lecture, 3 contributed papers)

            2:00-3:00 Kenneth O. May Lecture
                 Glen van Brummelen (Quest University)
                 In Search of Vanishing Subjects: The Study of
                 Trigonometry Before "Trigonometry"

            3:00 Janet Beery (University of Redlands)
                 'Ad Calculum Sinuum' : Thomas Harriot's Sine Table Interpolation

            3:30 Joel Silverberg (Roger Wiliams University)
                 Napier's Rules of Circular Parts

            4:00 Bruce Burdick (Roger Williams University)
                 Spherical Trigonometry in 17th Century Mexico: Enrico Martinez and
                 Carlos de Siguenza y Gongoru

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

9:00-12:00pm Session 5 (6 papers) incl. joint session CSHPS (Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science)

             9:00 David Orenstein (Toronto District School Board)
                  An 18th Century Conics Course Manuscript From the
                  Seminaire de Quebec

             9:30 Andrew Perry (Springfield College)
                  The Explosion of American Mathematics Textbooks, 1830-1850

            Joint Session with CSHPS: Infinitesimals

            10:00 Amy Shell-Gellasch (Pacific Lutheran University)
                  Pierre Fermat's Integration Techniques

            10:30 Richard Arthur (McMaster University)
                  Leibniz's Archimedean Infinitesimals (?)

            11:00 Tom Drucker (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
                  Finding Room for Infinitesimals

            11:30 John Bell (University of Western Ontario)
                  Infinitesimals in Synthetic Differential Geometry

12:000-2:00pm Lunch

2:00-4:00pm Session 6 (4 papers)

            2:00 Janet Martin-Neilsen (University of Toronto)
                 The Mathematization of Natural Language Syntax: 1957-1968

            2:30 Miriam Lipshutz (Rutgers University)
                 Dwight Bollinger's Take on Speech Intonation: Syntax vs Affect

            3:00 Marina Vulis (University of New Haven)
                 Luca Pacioli's Contributions to Accounting

            3:30 Lane Olson (University of Alberta, Camrose)
                 Personal Background to the Riemann Hypothesis

"Annual Meeting of CSHPM," Convergence (April 2008)