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Notes on Browse and Advanced Search


When you search or browse over Loci: Convergence, materials from the older Convergence are also included. Indeed, for quite a while, these materials will be the majority of what you find. The original Convergence subject divisions were Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Mathematics Education, Number, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Topology. These older materials are classified in the new system as follows:

  • Algebra -> Algebra (under Algebra and Number Theory)
  • Calculus -> Calculus
  • Geometry -> Geometry and Topology
  • Mathematics Education -> Mathematics Education
  • Number -> Numbers and Computation
  • Probability -> Probability (under Statistics and Probability)
  • Statistics -> Statistics and Probability
  • Trigonometry -> Trigonometry (under Geometry and Topology)
  • Topology -> Topology (under Geometry and Topology)

We will eventually recatalog the older materials using the more extensive taxonomy. However, for now that has not been done. So, for example, while there are many materials classified as Calculus, none of these materials is yet cataloged as Single Variable Calculus.

Also, a few remarks on the old Categories: Articles, Reviews, Problems, Classroom Suggestions, Illustrations, and Website Links. In general, here is how these transferred to the new system:

  • Articles -> Article (under Reference Material)
  • Reviews -> Annotation (under Reference Material)
  • Problems -> Problem Sets (under Instructional Material)
  • Classroom Suggestions -> Instructional Strategy (under Instructional Material)
  • Illustrations -> Image/Image Set (under Audio/Visual)
  • Website Links -> Other

"Notes on Browse and Advanced Search," Convergence (July 2008)