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Actionscript 3 Tutorials - Advanced Techniques

Doug Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz

Each of the links below opens a new window in which you can download a complete tutorial guide (pdf) along with all supporting source code (zip) referenced by the guide. Clicking on the screen shot on the right opens the actual applet in a new window so you can explore its functionality.

Proof Scrambler with Drag and Drop Interface  Drag and drop techniques, hit test, and depth management. Shows how to create a simple class.  
Using an External XML File  In this tutorial, we show how to use an external XML file to load data into a Flash movie at runtime. The advantage of this approach is that an XML file can be easily edited without recompiling the swf file. As an example, we built a gallery of polar curves by combining the XML technique with our parametric curves grapher.  
Flash Forum Custom Classes: Modifying Functionality  We use a function grapher template and the custom classes from our Flash Forum article, "Flash Tools For Developers (AS3): Graphing Curves in the Plane", to build a grapher that graphs a user-defined function as well as its derivative.

Clip Loading for a Dynamic Presentation  The applet animates a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem. It shows how to load and unload clips at runtime to create a dynamic presentation.

Doug Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz, "Actionscript 3 Tutorials - Advanced Techniques," Convergence (July 2007)