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Flash Tools for Developers: Truth Tables and Logic - Description of the Templates

Doug Ensley and Barbara Kaskosz

The compressed file contains all templates and code referenced within the article, and the brief Developer's Guidetruth_tables_guide.pdf  ) gives detailed instructions for some specific customization tasks.  Try out the templates below by clicking on the appropriate thumbnail image.

Template 1.

The first template consists of a basic "truth table builder" for expressions in three variables.  The Developer's guide explains how to make the following changes to this template:

  • You can change the names of the variables to be used and make corresponding changes to the text on the stage.
  • You can reduce the number of variables in the truth table from 3 to 2 by making the appropriate changes to the code and the stage.

Template 2.

The second template consists of a typical student-centered activity that one could make using the classes developed for this article. This template pulls a series of exercises from an external data file and challenges the student to supply the correct truth table. The program checks the student answer for correctness and provides feedback. 

Instructions are given for changing the source code to make the exercise set internally defined rather than externally defined, if that is preferable. A brief discussion of how to use an XML data file for external definitions is included.

Doug Ensley and Barbara Kaskosz, "Flash Tools for Developers: Truth Tables and Logic - Description of the Templates," Convergence (July 2006)