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MathDL Flash Forum - Contributing to the MathDL Flash Forum

Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz

The MathDL Flash Forum is an NSF funded project that is supported by MathDL.  If you are an expert in Flash, other technology development, or in educational pedagogy, there are some valuable contributions that you can make to the Flash Forum

  1. Try some of this material out yourself and post comments to the discussion forum for that particular item. You can download a 30 day trial copy of the latest Flash authoring program for this purpose as you simultaneously try out the material on the Flash Forum.
  2. Read the comments posted by others and respond if you have the relevant expertise in applet development, Flash programming, or classroom pedagogy.
  3. Submit your own well-documented source code to Doug Ensley, Loci Resources Editor ( This will be reviewed by knowledgeable Flash developers for eventual posting in the Forum.

This project is supported by NSF DUE-0535327 and the Mathematical Sciences Digital Ligrary, a project of the Mathematical Association of America.

Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz, "MathDL Flash Forum - Contributing to the MathDL Flash Forum," Convergence (November 2007)