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October/November 2012 MAA FOCUS


MAA FOCUS is the newsmagazine of the MAA. It contains information about MAA activities, news about mathematics and the mathematical community, and lively articles about interesting new (or sometimes not so new) ideas in mathematics, mathematics education, and related areas. It is published six times a year and is received by all members of the MAA.

Highlights from the October/November 2012 Issue

The AWARDS Project: Promoting Good Practices in Award Selection

Reflections on Mathematics and Democracy

NSF Research Fellowship Encourages Applications for Mathematics Research


A production error caused the disappearance of the last two lines of the story about William G. McCallum winning the Mary P. Dolciani Award (page 2) in the October/November MAA FOCUS. Here is the missing text:

"At the college level, he [McCallum] has been a forceful advocate for the calculus reform effort and is the lead author of the Harvard Calculus Consortium's multivariable calculus book."

We apologize for the mistake. The online version is being corrected.

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15th Year of Bridges to the Creative World
Our Man in Korea at the ICME
Annual Appeal
Math Students Go into the World
The AWARDS Project: Promoting Good Practices in Award Selection
Gallian and LaRose Leave Project NExT Team
MAA MathFest 2012 Highlights
Section Teaching Award Winners
MAA MathFest: Report of the Secretary
NSF Fellowship Seeks More Math Grad Applicants
Program: Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, January 9–12, 2013

Mary P. Dolciani Award Inaugurated
“Is Algebra Necessary?” Yes.
USA Wins Gold, Silver, and Bronze at CGMO
Call for Suggestions for Gung and Hu Award
New Zip Code Search to Find Competitions
New MAA Membership and Marketing Director
STaR Program for Early-Career Mathematics Educators
MAA Becomes a MathJax Supporter

Letters to the Editor: More on Moore
President’s Message: MAA’s Future
Dear MAA
Archives Spotlight: Benefactors Help Collections Go Digital
On Books: Slow Publishing
Book Review: Numerical Analysis Receives Integrated Treatment