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The author characterizes the set of possible limits of subsequences of a given sequence.

Two visual proofs of some exponential inequalities are presented.

Given any positive integer \(n\), find polynomial curves that have exactly \(n\) tangent lines which intersect the curve exactly once.

Solving Pell Equations using Fibonacci-like sequences

In the game of tennis, if the probability that player \(A\) wins a point against player \(B\) is a constant value \(p\), then the probability that \(A\) will win a game from deuce is \(p^2/(1 - 2p...

Solving an expected value problem without using geometric series

Another approach to trisecting any acute angle

Characterize positive integers which can be written as a sum of consecutive integers

Generalized examples of a sphere and a circumscribing cylinder, which can also be used to calculate the surface area of a sphere.

Describing Pythagorean Triples with one square side and a triangular side. Their number is infinite.