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The author illustrates how certain determinants can be used to motivate students. The determinants in question have terms in artithmetic progressions.

This author discusses the efficiency of computing integrals on a calculator using Taylor series.

The author describes a convenient method for calculating determinants where all entries on a given diagonal are equal and for some more general situations.

A proof without words approach to the geometric-arithmetic mean inequality

The author uses Minkowski sums to estimate the length of the perimeter of an ellipse.
The article demonstrates that four inequalities can be derived from each other.
The author calculates the area under an arc of a generalized polygonal cycloid.
The authors use a popular TV show to demonstrate probability theory.

Many calculations in number theory have different rules for different residue class mod an integer \(r\). The author shows how to combine these cases using a single amalgamated formula....

The author generalizes the test of convergence for the series involving iterated logarithms from base \(e\) to any positive base.