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The Factorial Triangle is a relative of Pascal's Triangle with many applications

Elementary methods for bounding definite integrals

What right triangles with legs of integer length have the property that their area equals their perimeter?

Generalizations of the problem: A goat is tethered to the edge of a disc shaped field of radius \(r\). The goat's rope is of length \(kr\). If the field is \(n\)-dimensional, what fraction...

Generalization of the fact that \(n^2-n+2\) is the maximum number of disjoint regions in the plane that can be formed by \(n\) circles using the basic set operations

Matrix algebra is used to describe geometric loci.

Elementary derivation for probability of relative primality

Classroom demonstrations of physical properties

Counting techniques for sequences of zeros and ones

Uses geometry and integration to relate hyperbolic and exponential functions