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Hands-on activity. The purpose is to help students learn to use variables and to write equations to model a problem situation.
Using regular soda cans and their cardboard containers, students will calculate volume and surface area.

The purpose of this lab is to investigate motion, and the use of the equation \(d=rt\).

This activity has been modified from Real World Learning Objects, Internet-based Activities for Higher Education. The need to access an online calculator has been removed.

2 days. Hands-on simulation activity. Used to introduce solving linear systems of 2 equations in two unknowns, with follow-up involving 3 equations and 3 unknowns.

2 days. Hands-on activity using the actual path of light through your container of water.
Static web page with complete details of using Maple to compute a power series solution of a second order ODE.
This Mathematica Demonstration considers a single initial value problem for a single Cauchy-Euler equation.

Studies \(y=k/x\) and the meaning of asymptote. Uses fact that elimination rate for some drugs varies by population.

The purpose of this lesson is to develop an understanding of quadratic functions.