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A informational, non-interactive website on planimeters. Has nice graphical explanation of how linear and polar planimeters work.
Allows users to display both contour plots and surface plots of functions \(z=f(x,y)\).
Computes line integral along user-defined path in any of seven pre-defined vector fields.
This page introduces students to the notion of particle motion and tangent (or velocity) vectors using text and accompanying animations.
Euler was the first person to recognize that mixed second partial derivatives are equal (in general) -- except that he discussed differentials instead.
Works out solution of a simple flux integral problem, together with commentary
Displays regions of integration in the plane for both rectangular and polar coordinates.
Collection of nine video lectures on double integration, together with supporting notes and problem sets.

Activity designed to teach: Understanding different ways of expressing area using integration. Concrete example of Area Corollary to Green's/Stokes' Theorem.