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This applet allows the user to draw three dimensional solids with various cross section shapes, including shapes from standard calculus exercises such as squares, rectangles, equilateral triangles
Colorful presentations, many of them interactive, of topics from elementary algebra on up that students should know when they enter a calculus course, including inequalities, exponents, logarithms
Interactive quizzes allow students not only to see if their answers are correct but also to access online explanations of the ideas and techniques needed in order to understand and do the quiz pro

Fun and easy-to-use interactive game to help students learn or review polar coordinates and, in particular, radian measure of angles as a decimal number (rather than a multiple of \(\pi\)).

Two adjacent windows display graphs of (1) a function \(f\)  and a tangent line, and (2) the derivative \(f  '\).

Wolfram's demo for the first four derivatives of a fifth degree polynomial, with sliders for the coefficients of the polynomial and a particular value of \(x\).

Three adjacent windows display graphs of (1) a function \(f\)  and its derivative, (2) a function \(g\) and its derivative, and (3) a function \(h\) and its derivative.