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This GeoGebra applet plots the first and second derivative on the same graph. The tangent line to the graph of a function at a point is drawn.
This animation shows how to use the slope of a curve to plot the derivative for that curve.
This animation shows how a secant line approximates the tangent line at a fixed point when its other intersection with the curve is forced toward the fixed one. This is a Quick Time movie.
This applet is designed to build the student's visual intuition about the line tangent to a curve at a point being the limit of the secant lines through that point.
This applet is designed to build the intuition between the idea of a derivative being the slope of the line tangent to a curve and the idea of a derivative as a function symbolically computed from

This webpage contains links to two separate ActionScript applets for graphing multiple functions.

Three adjacent windows display graphs of (1) a function \(f\), a tangent line, and color-coded horizontal and vertical segments for the coordinates of the point of tangency, (2) a function \(g\),
Wolfram's MathWorld has descriptions of the chain rule, both single variable and multivariable versions.

This maplet provides guided practice in the mechanics of working related rates problems (with feedback and hints).