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This applet allows the user to look at the Taylor polynomial approximation to a function \(f(x)\).

This resource is a geogebra applet with minimal instructions that allows the user to explore the limit of a sequence visually.
Worksheets are provided with sample questions on investigating the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
Exploraton of The Fundamental Theorem (both parts) using worked examples in applets.
A thorough review of high school algebra presented as a series of HTML pages with some Flash applets and JavaScript modules embedded.

A complete lesson on sinusoidal waves and acoustics. An embedded spreadsheet provides an interactive resource for phase shifts; otherwise, this is a static text-based webpage.

The purpose of this demo is to illustrate how hyperbolic functions and arc length integrals are used to model hanging cables.

This is an ActionScript applet for graphing two functions. This version includes support for tracing the function as it is graphed.

A collection of Quick Time animations on a variety of calculus topics.