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Java applet allows the user to visualize the method of cylindrical shells for finding the volume of a solid formed by revolving a specific region about the \(y\)-axis.
In the M-N definition of an infinite limit at infinity, students get to select M and then adjust N to satisfy the definition.
Essay giving a brief overview of the history of the trigonometric functions from ancient Babylon and Greece to medieval India and Europe to more modern times. References.
Alphabetical list of well-known curves from Astroid to Witch of Agnesi, with graphs, equations, and a short discussion and history of each curve.
Essay giving an overview of the history of the number \(e\), including various ways of obtaining and representing it. References.

Three historical "Then and Now" modules, on curve drawing, tangent lines, and optimization problems, each explored using interactive Java applets created with Geometers Sketchpad but

Using the history of mathematics in a college algebra class has had significant positive effects on student learning.

The authors recount the 'great tale' of Napier's and Burgi's parallel development of logarithms and urge you to use it in class.

Essay giving history of the number \(e\) and logarithms, with focus on why we use "\(e\)" to represent the base of the natural logarithm.