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These are lab projects for a differential equations course. Within each lab there are one or more Java applets that will help with the lab project and are valuable by themselves.
This Wolfram Demonstration allows the user to explore the connection between each of the parameters and the solutions of the standard predator-prey (fox and rabbit) model.
This maplet combines visualization, mixing word problems, and then fill in the blank values/functions for the maplet.

This Java applet provides an approximate graphical solution for a first-order IVP entered by the user in the form \(dy/dx\).

This webpage displays fully-worked examples showing the solution of an exact first-order initial value problem.
This webpage displays fully-worked examples showing the solution of an initial value problem for a first-order linear ODE.
This applet provides an interface for displaying the slope field associated with a first-order DE \(x'=f(t,x)\). There is a nice collection of built-in problems, or you can enter your own.
This is the homepage for a collection of graphers written in Java.
This is the homepage for the java versions of dfield and pplane. These applets contain most of the features of the original MATLAB versions.
The webpage produced by this URL shows all of the demonstrations pertaining to Newton's Law of Cooling that have been submitted to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.