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These student Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects developed over seven years are collected at the COMAP website (Â
Notes explaining basic modeling with first order differential equations, looking at specific examples of Mixing Problems, Population Problems, and Falling Bodies.
Video describing how to model and solve a problem involving the position of a mass attached to a srpring.
A Java applet that allows one to interactively analyze systems of differential equations.
Free input phase plane of a system of ODEs
Six different portraits of a system of ODEs
A Java applet which enables the user to create the phase portrait for a 2D system of differential equations. Applet will also plot trajectories for given initial conditions and isoclines.
A Mathematica demo showing the error behavior and construction of simple Runge-Kutta schemes for first order DE
A java applet plotting solutions of ODEs. There is a drop down menu for different solvers including Euler, Modified Euler, RK and Dormand-Prince.
A Mathematica manipulate showing the effect of herd immunity on smallpox transmission. Simple dynamic display of the result of changing the initial fraction of immunes.