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This applet simulates flipping a coin. The user can select the probability of a single coin flip landing with the heads side facing up. The user can set through the simulation or let it run.

This applet demonstrates an experiment consist[ing] of first tossing a coin, and then rolling a red die if the coin lands heads or a green die if the coin lands tails."

This applet demonstrates an "\(\dots\)experiment consist[ing] of rolling \(n\) dice, each governed by the same probability distribution."

This applet demonstrates an "experiment consisting of rolling a die and then tossing a coin the number of time shown on the die." This demonstrates conditional probability and conditi

"This applet shows a Galton board game with 10 rows."
This is an interactive applet requiring Mathematica or the Wolfram CDF player.
This is a brief Wikipedia article on the multinomial distribution. The basic facts are presented with minimal derivations and exposition.