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This page contains the definition of the covariance and correlation of random variables. It contains properties, with proofs, of both concepts, such as the variance of a sum.
A video lecture on convergence in probability, the Chebyshev inequality, and the Weak Law of Large Numbers.
Wikipedia entry for expected value. It contains definitions for the finite, countable, and continuous cases; a discussion of properties; some uses and applications; and a brief history.
A video explaining Jensen's Inequality to a general audience.
This applet simulates drawing numbered tickets from a box. The relative frequency of each number is displayed. The user can select the tickets which are placed in the box.
The spinner simulation allows one to change the number of sectors and to adjust the sector sizes.
Pass the Pigs is a commercial game in which the players roll plastic pigs as if they were dice and earn various points depending on how the pigs land.
This applet generates a sampling distribution of three simulations: drawing numbers, rolling dice and flipping a coin.
This simple to use interface allows the user to select the number of dice to roll. The results of rolling the dice are shown in a new window by using pictures of the resulting dice rolls.
This page provides definitions and formulas for calculating the mean and variance of random variables. Also, it provides several examples of the computation of these values.