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This video looks at the problem in which a student guesses randomly on two multiple choice questions.
This video explains the difference between independent and dependent events in the context of selecting two winners in a raffle.
This article attempts to draw a distinction between independent experiments and independent events within an experiment.
This is a short article on dependence and independence of two events. The ideas are discussed in the context of the conditional probability of one event given another.
Videos from Khan Academy. Covers many topics from an introductory class, including independent and dependent events, basic counting, expected value, and the law of large numbers.
This is a brief article on Bayes' theorem.
Concise explanation of Monty Hall problem with a written explanation of the solution.

Official "Let's Make a Deal" site. References to the Monty Hall problem in other popular media including movies, television shows, newspapers, and books are given.

This is a video that explains that the probability of drawing a yellow marble from a bag with 3 yellow marbles, 2 red marbles, 2 green marbles, and 1 blue marble.
This is a video that explains probability of getting heads in a toss of a fair coin and the probabilities of various events in the roll of a fair die.