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This is a video that explains the probability of various events in the experiment of selecting a card from a deck. The events are jack, heart, jack and heart, jack or heart.
This video looks at the problem of drawing an object from a bag with 8 green cubes, 9 green spheres, 5 yellow cubes, and 7 yellow spheres.
This video explains independent events in the context of two and three tosses of a fair coin. The events explored are particular sequences of heads and tails.
Overview of Monty Hall problems including original letter to Marilyn vos Savant. Some variations are given.
This applet shows two events \(A\) and \(B\) as squares within a larger square that represents the sample space.

This is a brief article on Boole's inequality, which gives an upper bound on the probability of countable collection of events.

This is the first in a series of Wikipedia articles on probability. This article briefly discusses the history, philosophy, etymology, mathematical theory, and applications of the subject.
This is a very short article that just states the axioms of probability: positivity, total probability 1, and finite and countable additivitiy over disjoint events.
This is a brief article on probability that includes interpretations of probability and a few probability rules: the addition rule, the inclusion-exclusion rule, and the law of total probability.
This is one in a series of lessons on probability in the Math Goodies site.