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This page explains the story of the V2 bombs over London in WWII and how the Poisson distribution is used to tell if the rockets were able to aim at a target or not.
This is an entire module on the Poisson distribution. It gives a description of the distribution, brief history, several examples, and a multiple choice test.
The applet represents the number of sharks observed in one square mile in an hour. The user presses the button to "fish" . The distribution is plotted as the user catches fish.
An experiment can be run to illustrate a Poisson process. The rate of the process and the length of time can be varied by the user. The arrivals are shown as red dots on a timeline as they occur.
The video completes the derivation of the Poisson distribution that was begun in the Poisson Process 1video.
He uses the example of the number of cars passing a point to illustrate a Poisson process.
This article gives the history, properties, occurrence, related distributions, and parameter estimation for the Poisson distribution.
This webpage provides a detailed and high-quality description of the Pareto Distribution.
This webpage provides a very detailed and high-quality description of the Pareta Distribution.
This applet demonstrating the hypergeometric distribution allows the user the choose \(N\) number of squares (where \(N= 12,20,49\), or \(51\)), and can select from \(K\) number of objects to be c