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A Java applet paired with a hands-on learning activity this activity to illustrate the theoretical meaning and practical implications of the Law of Large Numbers (LLN), present the LLN in varietie

The Law of Large Numbers says that in repeated, independent trials with the same probability \(p\) of success in each trial, the chance that the percentage of successes differs from the probabi

This article gives a description of the Binomial Distribution. It has both graphic and functional forms of the cdf and pdf.
Users can set \(\lambda\) and \(n\) and observe how the distribution changes. The Poisson distribution is shown in blue and the Normal approximation is overlaid in red.
This chapter of the Probability and Statistics EBook contains the basic properties of the Gamma Distribution, explains the basis for the Normal approximation to Gamma and shows examples.
A complete description of the Gamma distribution, its properties and applications (including examples and Normal approximation).
This is a basic article on the gamma distribution. The article fits the general format of Wolfram MathWorld articles on distributions: the basic properties are given with some derivations.
This is a basic article on the gamma distribution.
Wikipedia entry for Memorylessness. It defines the concept and discusses a common misconception. Then it discusses the idea in both the discrete and continuous settings.