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A description of the exponential distribution and its properties. Each property is stated, and a button shows the proof when clicked.
An expository page about the exponential distribution.
An applet that shows how the shape of the exponential distribution changes as its parameter changes.

An explanation of the birds-on-a-wire problem is given. A number of birds randomly land on a telephone wire.

A discussion of the birds on a wire problem with a list of print references for severaal versions of the probem statement.

This is a nice short article on combinations, permutations, and the difference between them.

This short article gives Pascal's triangle for generating binomial coefficients (based on the standard identity) as well as the Galton board.
Links to an interactive text with succinct explanations for probabilities for all nine possible five card poker hands.
Part of the Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics. This link is to the extensive expository material which in turn links to associated applet material.
This is an interactive applet for the gamma distribution requiring the Wolfram CDF player.