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A video tutorial on using R to sample from various distributions.
This video lecture introduces the cumulative distribution function and discusses properties of the function.
This site provides examples, Java applets and theoretical formulation of the Normal approximation to Binomial distribution.
This Java Applet demonstrates the Normal approximation to Binomial distribution. A "Begin" button on the left starts the applet. Browser is required to support Java 1.1+.
West Virginia University, Department of Statistics, Intelligent Distributed Environemnt for Adaptive Learning resource demonstrating the Normal Approximation to the Binomial distribution.Requireme

This java applet allows you to '"compare the Poisson [distribution] with the Normal distribution with the same mean and variance."

This site has a basic description of the normal continuous distribution, a normal distribution calculator, as well as a few examples.
This Wikipage provides a lengthy explanation of the normal continuous (Gaussian) distribution.
This webpage provides brief information about common discrete and continuous distributions including binomial, Poisson, t, normal, and F to mention a few.