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This page provides a demonstration to help students visualize transformations and mappings used to move (rotating, reflecting, translating), resize (contracting, expanding), and reshape (shearing,

This page provides an introduction to reversal matrices, which are obtained by writing the rows (or columns) of an indentity matrix in reverse order.  The page the outlines how to generate rev

PDF file that compares and contrasts five iterative methods for computing eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

This 2-page document gives a very concise treatment of the inverse of a linear transformation, followed by the inverse of a matrix.  It is one example of many from the author written in suppor

This web page provides a description of the Gram-Schmidt process for an inner product space, then gives an example in \(R^3\).  There is a link to a quiz page, but that may be intended for HMC

This web page allows users to enter a set of linearly independent vectors in \(R^n\)

This one-page document introduces five general \(n\)-x-\(n\) matrices, and asks students to find general formulas for the determinant, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors for each.  The matrices are

This is an article from The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 112, No. 4 (Apr., 2005), pp.

This web site serves at the homepage for a collection of web-based computational tools to do the following: perform row operations on a matrix, automatically transform a matrix for (reduced) echelo

This site has a collection of flash videos with audio on introductory linear algebra topics: dot product, matrix addition, matrix-vector product, matrix multiplication, method of elimination, reduc